The School strives for all-round development of students to prepare them to lead a balanced life by promoting :


The 21st Century is characterized by change, unreliable, uncertainty and aggressive competitions. The invention of binomial revolution and challenges will be discouraging. Creating best leaders for tomorrow is a tough task and this mission have well trained educated leaders of the caliber.

The School, SREE NARAYANA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL a unit of SREE NARAYANA EDUCATION & MEDICAL TRUST (REGD.), is located at Kandalloor North, Kayamkulam, will have a capacity of 2100 students from Kindergarten to Grade XII. The School will offer the flexibility of schooling, week and full-term boarding options in the future.


Our main objective is to instill qualities of leadership in students, for that S.N.INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will fulfill five key educational needs: Empowering Students, Strengthening Ability, Motivating Creativity, Enabling them to take part in leadership within the community and active in selecting their right choices of profession in life.

The interaction will be the best and highly professional in making each student to be competitive, confident and well all rounded global individual with values rooted in time honored traditions and requirements.

  Make all students prepared for all challenges in life. S.N. International School will be nurtured in spirit, body and mind to excel in their selected fields. To encourage learning and leadership development we provide world class facilities in academic studies and outdoor activities in becoming future citizens of the world with strong sense of community who think locally but act globally.

Since it is a new born School we begin with CBSE pattern and later within a short span of four years will go for the IGCSE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education of the University of Cambridge (U.K). This Internationally recognized program have four large objectives:

1) Encourage and support modern curriculum development.
2) Promote International Understanding.
3) Encourage best teaching practice.
4) Get world wide recognized standard.
Apart from the above the School offers the prevalent CBSE board – The Central Board of Secondary Education.


Students will be selected on their choice of creativity and active participation will be taken for practical interaction and awareness in addition to participate in sports and games, extra curricular activities, Education Theaters, Bio Literacy, Community service and creative learning with fluency.

Students will be given strong orientation by familiarizing them with emerging technologies and global requirements, Bio-Technology, Bio-diversity, Internet, ecology and tour/ travel – interaction are included in the curriculum.

As mentioned S.N.INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will also provide Yoga and Meditation to its students to make them physically and mentally perfect to become a complete individual.